Our Purpose

To facilitate the journey towards good health and wellbeing on a finite planet, through open-minded collaboration across public and private healthcare.

What is the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition?
We are a partnership of healthcare companies and other health agencies drawn together to address some of the most pressing sustainability issues in global healthcare.

What we do

The Sustainable Healthcare Coalition is a healthcare sector led group that looks for the greatest opportunities to inspire sustainable practices in healthcare through the collaboration of its members.

Sustainability is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of health. Although healthcare largely improves lives, it can also contribute to environmental and social issues such as consuming scarce resources, generating unnecessary waste, contributing to poor social standards in supply chains, or releasing hazardous substances, amongst many others. With an increasing need for health services and higher demands on resources, a transformative change is needed to redesign health systems to be more sustainable.

Focusing on key obstacles, the partnership shares data and insights, and develops best-practice guidance for use in healthcare systems and their supply chain partners.
The partnership learns through evaluation and promotes stories of impact, designed to inform and inspire global health systems to make the transition to sustainability.

The story so far

The group first came together at the invitation of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit in response to evidence that pharmaceutical products were responsible for much of the NHS’s carbon footprint.

Then called the Coalition for Sustainable Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (CSPM), by sharing data and expertise, the group was able to create world-first guidance on how to measure the carbon footprint of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Encouraged by the value of the collaboration, the group chose to continue their work. Inviting wider collaboration, the partnership went on to produce guidance on understanding the environmental impacts of whole care pathways.

Our members

The current membership consists of many of the world’s leading healthcare companies and the Sustainable Development Unit for health and social care in England.
This core group draws in participation from other health system players including trade bodies, state healthcare providers, public health institutions and international agencies.

Click on the links below to learn more about what each of these member companies are doing in sustainability.

Next steps

Alongside developing further the applicability of its greenhouse gas and care pathways work, the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition is now expanding its thinking and activity in areas such as how circular economy principles can be applied to ‘circular healthcare’ and how environmental, social and economic benefits can be brought to bear through consideration of how supply chain and procurement processes operate for effective and efficient healthcare systems.